Don’t you love a good sale and tutorial?

On Monday and Tuesday, I began to receive notifications on Quiltville’s Open Studio Facebook page about all the fabric bundles people were buying at JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Stores. You could get as many fabric bundles as you wanted at 75% off. I really didn’t need more fabric but I couldn’t pass up a deal! I almost did. I waited until Wednesday, the last day of the sale, to go to the store. I believe it was an hour before the store closed and I still found stuff! I bought three fat quarter bundles (each one had five different fabrics), a black jelly roll (20 strips), and quilter’s thread for my soon to be yoyos (another blog post at a later time). I don’t know how to hand sew yet BUT I want to learn. This might be a summer goal of mine because one of my UFOs is a needle turned applique.


Two of the fabric bundles that I bought had the same fabric. They were different patterns and colors but they did coordinate. I wasn’t really “feeling” the fabric but for $2.50 I had to buy it. I decided to practice my straight sewing and modifying patterns using the fabric. The pattern I chose was created by Mandy Beyeler at Sugar Bee Crafts. It’s a free tutorial, if you are interested. These are the changes I made:

  • Instead of having two coordinating fabrics, I used five different fabrics.
  • My pocket and outer bag sections are quilted.
  • Instead of piping, I created my own binding.
  • I am adding a pocket to the inside of the bag.
  • My handles are 29 inches long.

I used a total of 8 fat quarters but I had plenty of fabric left over for potential add-ons, such as an earbud case, a library card holder, a coloring pencil case, and a few other things. I’ll be donating all the items to the Nite Owl Quilting Guild for the October Quilt Show. I think it’s a cute little bag for a kid who loves to color and read. In the pencil case I’ll be adding either little markers or pencils. I plan on buying some books to add to the bag and a coloring book. It’s going to be a great auction piece. Once I’m finished with the bag I’ll take a photo.

I’ve also been working on my Jurassic Jamboree quilt. It’s almost completely pieced. I spoke with my friend and she is five weeks out. I have to hurry up but I still have to make the puppies wow! I can do this. Once the baby quilt is finished I’ll be moving on to my second UFO which will be free-motion quilted on my little Janome Gem Gold.

My little iron cover still needs to be bound so I’m waiting for my mom to bring out her sewing machine because I don’t know how to bind angled corners. My own tutorial has been put on hold again because after speaking with my mother she is recommended a different sewing technique which involves hand sewing. Bummer! She might just finish the bag herself for this very reason.

Screenshot (96)

I forgot to mention that I’ll be participating in the Busy Bag Sew Along Charity with The Quilter’s Planner. It benefits Sadie’s Dream for a Cure. The goal for this week is to gather the material, order the label (check!), and spread the word (check!), and take a photo of the fabric. If you would like to participate, here is a link to the bag tutorial.

I just got word that I need to make a heart block for a guild member. She is going through cancer treatments so I have to look for something with hearts. Maybe a nice scrappy heart block. We’ll see.

My featured image is of Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana. I went to see it because I needed it for my graduate class. But again look at the colors! Great quilt colors.

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